Maintaining your vegetable garden is important

How to maintain your vegetable garden?

Maintaining your garden is a source of many pleasures but requires a lot of attention and maintenance. Several tasks are necessary before you can enjoy your pickings. We give you tips that will make you master gardeners! Follow the guide!

Small gestures for great flavours

Fertilizers ensure a good harvest. Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium provide important nutrients that are essential to the growth of your plants. Chemical or organic, both have proven themselves and it is up to you to choose. In both cases, use them wisely.

A well-watered vegetable garden for tasty vegetables

Regular and parsimonious watering gives your vegetables that rich and sweet taste that even your children will not be able to do without. Water preferably in the morning or evening, to avoid evaporation. We adapt to the size of the vegetable. For young shoots, care should be taken to use a watering can with very fine holes. We often check the moisture content in the soil and use our common sense!

Mulching, a little extra for big benefits

Mulching protects vegetables from the sun and severe weather. It provides essential natural elements, slows the growth of weeds, reduces water intake by retaining moisture. Coconut fibres, jute or simply organic with tree bark or straw, mulching is the essential element for the well-being of your vegetable garden. Watch for mould in case of heavy rain!

Weeding: the small gesture that makes all the difference

No need to spray weed killers at all, they hurt the environment and your health terribly. Hand weeding, delicate and regular, is enough to remove all the weeds and ensure a good maintenance of the garden.

Crop rotation: a small change for big results

Your vegetables love change! Boost their production by finding a new place for them each year, according to their species.

Online garden centres: valuable assets to guide you

Too busy taking care of your garden to get to the garden? It’s not a problem! With the Internet, garden centres offer online advice. For your comfort and well-being of your vegetable garden. One click is enough.

You are dressed with the right tools to succeed your vegetable garden, without breaking your head or back! Close your computer now. Outside your garden is waiting for you!