Watering your garden

Watering your garden in summer: the right things to do

Ahhh the joys of a lush garden in summer! Shade the fruit trees or enjoy raspberries and cherry tomatoes on site. The more romantic ones exude the sweet smell of shimmering flowers when the scoundrels mock their neighbor’s ridiculous vegetable garden. Yes, a beautiful garden in summer is a source of satisfaction. But this is not without effort. It must be maintained and watered. To your gloves and watering can! Here is the little guide to water his garden in summer and perform the gestures that save!

Watering your garden in summer: understanding your needs to act effectively

To water your garden effectively, you have to observe several things: the type of soil, the climate and the plant species that grow there, and use common sense.

  • We water in the morning or in the evening. Always the foot, when the sun doesn’t hit, to avoid burns and diseases.
  • Watering is less frequent but more abundant, for better infiltration of water. Be careful not to drown the plants! Two or three times a week is usually enough but watering is adapted according to the weather and temperature. We check the ground, if it’s dry, it’s thirsty.
  • Mulching, useful or futile? Utile ! Spreading a thin layer of mulch around plants helps to conserve moisture and reduce water requirements.
  • Every plant has its need! Vegetables, flowering plants and perennials require frequent watering. Large plants and young plantations require a larger amount of water. Potted plants should be watered daily, sometimes several times a day depending on the weather.

Green Hand and Environmental Awareness

And yes, watering your garden can harm the environment in times of drought. The solution? A rainwater collector! It will reduce your water bill, rainwater will bring more minerals to your garden and it is a consistent environmental gesture.

Your garden communicates! Use all your senses to define his needs.

Have a good summer in your garden!