spring bulbs

5 spring bulbs to plant in your garden

Bulbous plants offer various genera and varieties that will splash color on the massifs of your garden. We suggest you to discover various specimens that will enchant your eyes and intoxicate your senses.

Here are 5 spring bulbs to plant in your garden

Ornamental garlic

Allium is a perennial bulbous with high decorative potential for your beds. There are several varieties of ornamental garlic that will enhance your garden. You can combine them to get particularly beautiful color schemes:

  • The Allimum azurem, also called Allium caerulem has pretty umbels from 3 to 5 cm in diameter, containing up to fifty small star-shaped flowers of cerulean blue colour. The umbels overhang an 80 cm high stem, with medium green leaves and up to 7 cm long.
  • Allium obliquum, oblique garlic, offers a beautiful yellow-green flowering that blossoms from June to August. It is a very bright plant for the second part of spring. The cylindrical flower stem is up to 70 cm tall.
  • Allium millenium is a variety of ornamental garlic that offers flowering in the form of pink purple tassels. The flowers are nectar and melliferous. They therefore attract pollinating insects to the garden, including bees.

The flowering period of the different Allium varieties is from May to August. Ornamental garlic enjoys rich, light, fresh and well-drained soils. The plant dreads moisture. The bulbs measure between 15 and 20 cm.


Liriope muscari is a beautiful bulbous plant to decorate the garden. This perennial blossoms naturally in the undergrowth. Its summer flowering is in the form of a purple spike that springs from an emerald green lanceolate foliage. It is an ideal ground cover in flowering beds. It appreciates humus-rich and well drained soils with a low presence of limestone. Most muscaris have purple inflorescences. However, you will find varieties with a white flowering like the Liriope muscari Monroe White. The Muscari azurem offers flowers in bells grouped in azure blue color. The Muscari Pink Sunrise gives a pale pink flowering.


The genus Hyacinthus offers multiple varieties in various colours. This bulbous plant usually blooms in early spring. The flowering stands on a dense spike from which spring starry flowers with fleshy petals. The bulb is massive and oval. The leaves are thick and tapered, of a beautiful emerald green. Depending on the varieties, hyacinths exude a sweet and intoxicating scent.

  • Hyacinthus orientalis is a beautiful pure white hyacinth that sometimes turns cream white.
  • The Jacinthe City of Harleem has a pastel yellow flowering.
  • The Jacinthe Gipsy Queen is a beautiful variety with light orange tones.
  • Blue Star Hyacinth reveals cerulean blue inflorescences.


The genus Crocus offers a multitude of bulbous varieties that usually bloom in late winter or autumn. Adapting to ordinary soils, the crocus blossoms in sunny exposure, or even in mid-shade. It reaches 8 to 15 cm in height. Its foliage is long and filiform, occasionally blending with the grass of the garden. A bulb produces between 1 and 2 flowers that bloom as a 6-pointed star. The petals form a calyx and can be coloured in a variety of colors. The heart of the flower is lined with stamens that have a different color from the petals.

  • The Corsican Crocus has beautiful pink purple flowers with reddish stigmas. They exude a sweet fragrance of honey.
  • The Chili Blue Crocus is well scented and offers a beautiful gentian blue bloom.
  • The orange Crocus Monarch has orange-colored inflorescences with dark streaks.


Tulips are very common bulbous plants for spring. They appreciate ordinary, well-drained soils with both sunny and semi-shaded exposure. The leaves are lanceolate, dark green. The flowering consists of a flared corolla which can take on multiple colors, combinable between them, depending on the varieties: red, yellow, orange, blue, purple, white, pink, red, etc.