Crocus in the sun

Crocus (Crocoideae), small autumn perennial

What should I know about crocuses?

  • Name: Crocus
  • Type: Flowering bulb
  • Height: 15 cm average
  • Exposure: sunny and mid-shade
  • Soil: All types of soil

The crocus comes from the Iridaceae family, which includes 80 species. It is a flower that grows for a third of them, in this beautiful autumn season.

Indeed, it is a bulbous perennial plant that tolerates the cold. It is on average 15 cm high.

We can find it on all types of soil, be it rock, lawn, at the foot of trees, … but it remains when a plant whose flowering remains early. All earth will suit him, in full sun, even with few shadows.

When to plant the crocuses?

This flower grows from September to December, because before winter, it will allow it to take root better.

How do you plant crocuses?

Before planting the flower, it is necessary to prepare the soil, working the surface. The flowering bulb grows 3 to 5 centimetres deep, in groups of 3 to 5 bulbs to make it more natural.

It is still possible to plant the bulb in planters, or in pots, for those who live in big cities, or those who live in apartments.


It is very easy to plant. In fact, if you want to put it outside, you just need a spade, a rake, a claw, a bulbous planter, and a watering can with an apple.

How to maintain the crocuses?

What is very practical is that they do not need any maintenance. However, as the bulb remains in the ground for a future flowering, you should never cut the leaves after flowering.

It is necessary to let them turn yellow, then only you can remove them. This will give the bulb time to regain strength.

Watering the flowering bulb

The advice for watering her flowers is to use a watering can with an apple, which will allow a fine rain on the bulb.

Diseases of the crocus

This flower fears moisture. This is why the diseases that attack it are usually caused by moisture, fusarium head blight and rhizoctone.

The different varieties of crocus

Yellow and purple crocus blooms in early spring.
Yellow and purple crocus blooms in early spring.

It is famous for the beauty of its flowers, variegated with blue and purple. It is native to the Mediterranean, of the genus Crocus with its 80 species of which the third blooms in autumn.

The meaning of this flower depends on its color.

The Crocus can symbolize joy because it announces the return of spring. The Romans especially loved this flower and made it a fragrance. It is also a symbol of truth, purity and innocence.

But be careful, it can also carry a more negative message. Indeed, the Crocus can represent fear and worry.

The Crocus is a member of the Iridaceae family with about 90 different species. It is a perennial bulbous plant. Its flower can be available in several colors and measures between 5 and 15 cm. It is found in Europe and Asia Minor, during winter and autumn, even spring. Crocus loves soils rich in limestone or clay, with a strong exposure to the sun.

With its 80 species, this pretty flower is not finished to amaze you. Because depending on the species, the colors can vary from white, blue, yellow, orange, purple, pink, purple, … there is something for everyone.