Gardering in september

What to do in the garden in September?

September is coming, it’s autumn for the northern hemisphere. The warm summer season is over and this is the perfect time to beautify your garden before winter.

Here are some ideas to help you restructure your garden in September and get a good crop. You will not waste time if you take the right steps.

From vegetable garden to orchard, what garden inspiration are you looking for?

The harvest of the season

For the garden in September, after the warm season, you can pick your fruits and harvest your vegetables from the vegetable garden. The vegetables of the sun are finally ready and offer you a real festival of colors.

Harvest your tomatoes and squash, peppers and cucumbers. Cabbage and leek as well as sweet corn are nicely arranged, not to mention potatoes and peppers as well as eggplants.

The fruits, on the other hand, are as ripe as apples or pears, strawberries or raspberries, as well as oranges or figs.

You can pick them delicately and keep them cool to avoid damaging them. Finally, don’t forget the seeds and lettuce: and you’re ready to stock up on vitamins.

Fruits and vegetables of September

Fruits and vegetables from the garden in September
Fruits and vegetables from the garden in September

The ideas of plantations

Why not try a nice color in your patch, as well as capucines, mufliers, phlox, petunias and celiosies. They are very effective in attracting pollinators and beneficial insects to your area and they are also very beautiful.

It’s time to plant some sunflower seeds.

Find a sunny spot where you’d like to see some happy sunflowers later in the year and plant the seeds to double the depth of the seed.

Cover lightly with soil and wait… they’ll soon start growing!

The soil during this season is still fresh, but requires good preparation.

It is not necessarily useful to water it, because the moisture is still present and soft, especially during the night which accentuates the freshness of the soil.

It’s a good season to plant or plant: parsley with onions for example, or spinach. Plant strawberries, bulbs or greenhouses if you can afford it.

Also make the cuttings of your choice, without forgetting to plant flowers or good shrubs.

The last flowers are varied during this season: so for the garden in September choose the good decorating tips and garden inspiration of your choice.

A well-ventilated soil and a bit of lawn watering will brighten up your garden.

Gardening ideas

To work the garden in September is to prepare the soil for the harsh winter season are measures not to be neglected when working the garden in September.

Maintain the plants while respecting the good quality of the soil: plants that have finished flowering can be removed and potted to beautify your interior.

Aerate the soil with spades, prepare it so it looks less dry and rough. Remove weeds and pick up dead leaves.

Fatten your soil if necessary, water it and treat it well for freshness. For shrubs, trim the leaves for a beautiful shape.

Refresh the flowers so they can breathe well. Clean and maintain your garden aisles, masonry, garden decoration.

And why not give a new look by opting for a different garden inspiration?

September is a cool season for your outdoors. It’s time to set up and maintain your garden in September, pick or plant flowers and seasonal fruit, and do it all yourself.