Gardering in may

What to do in the garden in May?

Spring is in full swing and it’s a busy time to take care of the garden in May. The spring bulbs make way for the buds of summer flowers, filled with the promise of future colors.

Don’t get overwhelmed by endless lists of gardening jobs, it’s time to set priorities. Here are the main works of the garden in May.

4 garden tasks in May

1 – Weeding weeds

On a dry day with a light wind, spend a hoe on the beds or between rows to kill the weed. These seedlings will dry on the bed surface rather than rooting in the moist soil or being washed away.

Weeding tools

Hand weeding is easier on light soils. It should only be done if it does not disturb the roots of garden plants. In the case of persistent weeds, such as bindweed or quackgrass, small sections of roots may be left on site and grow back. Use a corkscrew weeder that can penetrate deep into the ground. While a weeding knife at one hooked end. A useful tool for weeding between slabs and along roadsides.

Deep organic mulches, such as bark or wood chips, can be used as a barrier against weeds around plants – keep them at a minimum depth of 10-15 cm to smother annual weeds.

Cover or landscaping fabrics can be placed on newly cleaned soil to remove regrowth from old weeds and prevent new weeds from becoming established. Find the right fabric for your needs and this can be a very effective way to keep weeds away from chemical weeds.

2 – Mow the lawn

Start renovating your lawn by removing debris. Leaves, vegetation and even dead grass can be collected to make room for new shoots and allow them to access sunlight.

3 – Search

It is also time to start weeding. Removing weeds before mowing will prevent weed seeds from being spread by the mower. Any foam growth can be scarified with a light spring toothed rake.

In the middle of summer, mowing must be done once or twice a week. You want to keep the grass at a height of one inch. Don’t forget to then remove the leftover cut grass, otherwise they block the sun.

4 – Buttage

At this stage, a process called « bumping » is the secret to removing the foliage from the potatoes underground. It’s about piling up soil on emerging shoots to encourage upward growth.

If done correctly, your potatoes will be ready to be harvested within a few months. But it largely depends on the planting period of the seed tuber you have chosen. Read the package instructions to learn more.