Gardering in july

What to do in the garden in July?

July marks the beginning of the summer period. The garden in July means many small tasks to be done to reap the fruits of your work soon.

What to do in the vegetable garden in July?

In July, the vegetable garden sees the cohabitation of all the vegetables, some disappear, others are born and some are still dormant. So we will have to meet everyone’s needs.

Regular binage is required to control weeds that settle in the spring.

Water should be watered regularly, preferably in the evening to avoid water evaporation, taking care not to spray the leaves to limit the spread of disease. To facilitate the penetration of water into the ground, claws there to break the upper part.

Tasks to be completed:

Buttage when the leaves have grown well: beans, potatoes,

Size: tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers,

Sow (every two weeks for regular production): salads, carrots, radishes, turnips, cabbage,

Check the stakes: the tomato legs have grown well, their support stakes must be high enough and strong enough to support them, especially when they bend under the weight of their fruit.

You will soon reap the fruits (in this case vegetables) of your efforts: salads, carrots, peas, and enjoy them all the more.

Orchard task in July

If this has not already been done, there is still time to prune the fruit trees. For trees bearing fruit, remove those in excess. It is, indeed, better to sacrifice a few than to have no harvest at all because of a disease. Apple and pear trees in particular require clarification.

Raspberry also requires a lot of attention in July. Its roots, shallow, forbid it to draw water from the soil in dry weather. It is therefore necessary to water it generously and straw it when it is very hot.

The vineyard requires regular maintenance. It is necessary to clear its young clusters and cover them, if necessary, with a pouch to preserve them from the voracity of hungry birds.

In the ornamental garden

The flowers can hardly resist the heat, the ornamental garden deserves all your attention. Regular watering should be carried out, not necessarily every day. For better water penetration, clean the beds, hoe and weed the soil. Here too, it is better to water in the evening, after making sure that the rain is not announced for the next day, so as not to drown your plants.

July is also a good time to put guardians on your gladioli and dahlias to prevent them from bending under the violence of summer storms.

Also, do trellising of climbing plants.

Before your holiday, cut all the flowers of your roses and flowering shrubs to enjoy a new bloom when you return.

Watering in July

Increase watering so that it does not dry out in the heat. And give them regular food so that the fruits of your labor have enough energy to be well trained and tasty. This type of feeding is fantastic for emerging sunflowers, but it’s also true for all container flowers about to bloom.

On the other hand, some late-flowering perennials may benefit from fast feeding before flowering, especially if the soil is not very fertile.

Other tasks to be performed:

  • Cuttings: hydrangeas,
  • Division of tufts: iris and primroses,
  • Seed harvest: lupins, poppies, giroflées, ancolies,
  • Harvesting of spring bulbs,
  • Sow biennial plants: thoughts, myosotis, digitalis, poppies.