Gardering in april

What to do in the garden in April?

Spring is in the air, and the brightly coloured flowers we’ve been looking forward to explode in life all around us.

April is traditionally a month of showers but, with global warming, there will be a lot to do in the garden in April. There are a whole series of exciting reasons to go out and into the garden.

Read on for my top tips to get you started this April:

So, what should we do in the garden in April?

In the garden in April, it’s time to prune your roses

April is the time of roses pruning, but you will need to remove dead branches first. New shoots will start growing, so you’ll have to start pulling them up. To do this, you can gently twist the main shoots around the support.

Don’t feel obligated to support your climbing rose with a vertical trellis. There are many other creative ways to present your roses. They can be erected in the same way on pillars, arches and pergolas.

Try to attach your new stems horizontally, as this encourages flowering shoots to form lower to fill the available space.

Sow outdoors

This is the ideal time to plant, as the soil will likely be warm and wet, allowing for rapid germination. Before you start, make sure you refer to the tips on your seed package. And make sure you sow your seeds at the optimal time.

Amazing mixtures of annual grasslands include plants such as Centaurea cyanus (blueberry), Papaver rhoeas (poppy), Glebionis segetum (marigold) and Agrostemma githago (corn shell).

Why not try to grow your own watercress?

It is ideal for children and you can grow it on a piece of damp cotton or in a container, placing it on a sunny patio or on the edge of a window.

Place it on a well-appointed terrace or a sunny windowsill. Keep this container well watered and you can go there, the germs appear in just a few days.

You can also fill your edges with summer-resistant annuals and perennials. They grow quickly and are profitable. Try the luminous chrysanthemums or the radiant sunflowers Helianthus annuus, they are very appreciated and will brighten your border in no time.

What to do in the garden?

Fruit and vegetables April
Fruit and vegetables April

This is a good time to buy and plant vegetables and aromatic plants. It is necessary to dig and put fertilizer or organic compost.

It is easier to buy some vegetables in small plants: salads, zucchini, cabbage and cherry tomatoes.

Since vegetables are already started, their maintenance is easier. This solution is impossible for other vegetables. For some, seeds are planted: beans, peas, for example.

As far as watering is concerned, outside the rainy season, just water the plants once a week because it is not very hot at this time.

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In the garden in April, we take care of watering indoor plants

Most indoor plants require little care and are generally easier to maintain than those in the garden in April. But with warmer weather and longer days, your indoor plants are encouraged to grow. They provide us with the botanical colours sought in every room of the house.

Don’t forget to treat them more frequently during the month of April, as they will need a little more water while new shoots appear.

I recommend that you make sure that the surface of the compost is dry before giving more water to your plants so as not to overdo it. Most houseplants are killed with kindness.

Water must be at room temperature for best results, as roots are sensitive to extreme temperatures.

This is why the plants in your home will be better if the growing conditions are stable and pleasant. These conditions include temperature and sun exposure as well as a regular watering regime.

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