Garden August

Gardening in August? garden tasks

August is set up and you can see yourself spending your days bubbling over a chaise longue in the shade of your trees. Excellent program!

After all, this rest is well deserved after all the care given to your garden throughout the year. But there is always something to do in the garden, even (and especially) in August!

What to do in the garden in August?

Taking care of your lawn


The best time to water is when the soil is dry, but before it has had a chance to brown. Water every 7 to 10 days to a depth of 10 cm. If your soil has become hard and compact, help the water to disperse by aerating the soil.

Feed your lawn

Now that your lawn has been well watered, it’s time to give it a good diet. Apply summer lawn fertilizer to wet soil to strengthen grass and prevent the formation of weeds. You can get it from most garden centres.

Mow your lawn

This is probably the most important summer maintenance task. Mow up to 25 mm twice a week. You can reduce this frequency to once a week during periods of drought.

What about the rest of my yard?

Water trees and shrubs thoroughly. Avoid watering in the middle of the day, the sun evaporates the water before it can enjoy the plants. The best time for effective watering is in the morning before sunrise when the earth is still cool.

Maximum hydration guaranteed! The evening is also suitable for watering but in this case take care not to wet the leaves at the risk of mould development.

If you are going on holiday, mulch your flowers to keep them moist and protect them from insect pests.

Also consider the different sizes: shrubs that have finished flowering, faded flowers, defensive hedges, etc.

What to do in the vegetable garden in August?

Vegetable and fruit for august
Vegetable and fruit August

Fruit and vegetables August

Who says garden maintenance in August says especially garden maintenance. Indeed, many fruits and vegetables reach maturity at this time and it is now time to harvest them.

This is the case for tomatoes, melons, watermelons, zucchini, cucumbers, eggplants, peppers, summer lettuce, peas, green beans, blanched celery, etc.

What vegetable to plant in August?

It’s also time to plant and plant: round beets, lamb’s lettuce, chervil, spinach, curly chicory, onions (white and red), turnips, leeks and potatoes.

In addition to harvesting and seeding, it is also time to prune the aromatic plants to avoid flowering.

What to do in the orchard in August?

As everywhere in the garden in August, watering is essential for fruit trees.

It is also time to harvest cherries, apricots, peaches and other seasonal fruits.

Also, size peaches after harvest. In order to allow them to heal before winter, August is the period when it is necessary to prune the cherry trees that have bloomed.

To prevent bacterial canker attacks, spray Bordeaux porridge on cherry trees at the end of the harvest.

Outside the orchard, August is the perfect time to go and harvest wild blackberries in the surrounding brambles.

Beware, these tips are based on the usual weather of the central region, a degraded oceanic climate. Adapt to your situation. If your garden is located on the coast or in a Mediterranean climate, then all this gardening work will be done at the end of July.

Conversely, in a mountain climate it is better to delay the application of the previously given advice by two weeks.

Growing strawberries in August

This is the perfect time to plant strawberries, before the cold sets in.

Plant them in rows about 40 cm apart, with the crown of the fruit just at ground level.

Press the soil tightly and water regularly, avoiding peaks, as this can cause disease.

To suppress weed growth and maintain water, you can grow them through a white polyethylene sheet or opt for straw litter to keep them clean.