Vegetable garden

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Your vegetable garden is certainly your pride. Taking care of it is a hobby and a relaxation, it is also the way to ensure a healthy diet. The current fashion for vegetable plots also allows city dwellers to indulge in this passion for the vegetable garden.

Various vegetables are grown, some of which are now essential. My garden inspiration offers you crops adapted to the local climate and seasons. You can choose to do your own sowing, transplanting in pots or in place. Certain vegetables are the kings of the vegetable garden, whatever its size: tomatoes in all their forms, cucurbits (cucumbers, zucchini, etc.) will delight gourmets.

You are lucky enough to have an indoor vegetable garden, a vegetable patch or a large vegetable garden, so you will be able to plant enough to feed you all year round. From your vegetable garden, you will get the potatoes to keep, the beans to preserve, the spices etc…