Cacti & Succulents

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To successfully cultivate your pungent varieties of Cactaceae, follow our simple tips. This succulent plant with a thorny silhouette seduces with its fleshy leaves. The very large family of cacti has a very dense botanical diversity. These plants are distinguished by their typical morphology: there are cacti of spherical or cylindrical shape, columnar or pillar. Some species have pointed leaves, while others sport solitary paddles. The cactus does nothing like other plants: its metabolism absorbs carbon dioxide at night, not during the day. Its flowering is also nocturnal. The cuttings of the cactus are very easily done from the stems or the branches. And finally, its great resistance to high summer heat and periods of drought makes it almost inflexible to climatic variations. And for the toughest plants, winter frost is just a walk in the park.

Discover all my tips for growing and maintaining your cactus, your succulent, as well as your succulents. Prickly pear, Christmas cactus, silver ball, bishop’s cap, or Pringlei candle, all these xerophyte plants will no longer hold any secrets for you!