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Both gentle and capricious, nature transports us in an intoxicating whirlwind of generosity that only her power can master. All that remains is to let yourself be charmed by this fascinating encounter!

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Whether you are a budding gardener or an enthusiast, Mon Inspiration Jardin offers you design ideas for the garden, the balcony and terrace, the vegetable garden and the indoor garden.

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A gardening blog, for amateur and garden expert

Gardening, a passion

The garden blog Mon Inspiration Jardin was born from this fascination with nature. Simple and so accessible, it is at the heart of a passion for plants and gardening: by observing flowers with their shimmering colors and sometimes mysterious shapes, Savoring vegetables freshly harvested in the vegetable garden or simply admiring the leaves of a tree dancing to the wind.

This captivating beauty is there, right at your fingertips! And it is with careful care that the garden offers its most beautiful picture in return.

So, on My Garden Inspiration, you’ll find easy gardening tips and tricks. By letting yourself be guided, you will be able to discover the satisfaction of seeing your plants flourish over the seasons and enjoy your harvests throughout the year.

Also find in My Garden Inspiration the tips to grow your plants well, whether in pot or in the ground. But also tips for caring for your trees, shrubs and perennials, as well as fruit, roses and flowering bulbs.

Nature also invites itself inside of your home!

Potted plants are the signature of the decoration of your home. They illuminate the room with their peaceful presence and bring the tropical touch to your urban living room. All in an atmosphere conducive to well-being.

A garden is usually a haven of peace that allows you to be in the heart of nature and enjoy a moment of calm while being at home. Many people praise the appearance of their garden by sharing them on social networks

If you also dream of a perfect garden, we are here for you. Indeed, if you wish to have more inspiration and ideas for your garden, My garden inspiration is there to give you all that.

Not only will we guide you in creating your ideal garden, but we will also do our best to give you the inspiration you need. With many items, whether plants (indoor or outdoor), tools for your garden you will be able to inspire yourself and create the garden that suits you with the tools and plants of quality you need.

So you will no longer have any reason to envy your neighbor’s garden, yours will be much better and with brilliant health.

Advice but also inspiration for your garden and plates

Follow the guide to equip yourself with the tools you need to maintain your garden. And how about enjoying the vegetables from your vegetable garden?

Thanks to homemade recipes, My Garden Inspiration offers you moments of sweet taste to share with your guests. Because the garden is the reflection of your inspirations, on this blog, you have at your disposal ideas for landscaping your city garden in order to gain privacy or to realize a Japanese botanical architecture.

And it is by following our gardener’s calendar that you will be able to organize the maintenance so essential to your garden in order to give it the healthiest environment it deserves.